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Amarillo Area Tax Information




Property Tax


The city of Amarillo resides in Potter and Randall counties.  Property tax rates fluctuate yearly and vary according to residence location.  To learn more about Amarillo’s tax rates visit Potter – Randall Appraisal District’s website at http://www.prad.org/.





2011 Amarillo Area -Property Tax Rates -Per $100 property valuation


Within Amarillo City Limits:

City of Amarillo


Amarillo College Dist.


Amarillo Ind. School Dist


Potter County


Randall County


Within Unincorporated Potter County:

Highland Park Ind. School Dist


High Plains Water Dist. Potter


Within Unincorporated Randall County:

Canyon Ind. School Dist.


So. Randall Hospital Dist.


High Plains Water Dist. Randall 


Bushland Ind. School Dist.





Property tax rates fluctuate yearly and vary according to residence location.

Contact the Potter Randall County Appraisal District for exact property rates.





Personal Income Tax

The state of Texas is one of only seven states without a personal income tax.  The sales and use tax accounts for over 50% of total state revenue.  Other major revenue generators for the state include the motor fuel tax, oil and natural gas severance taxes, and the corporate franchise tax.  At the local level, revenues are generated primarily by the ad valorem property tax and local sales tax.


Sales Tax

The state sales tax rate is 6.25%, with the city of Amarillo assessing an additional 2%. This tax is levied on the sale, rental and use of most tangible property, labor and selected services. However, current exemptions in the sales tax statutes include:






Machinery and equipment used directly in the manufacturing process or for pollution control; and items that become a component part of a manufactured item, are consumed in the manufacturing process or delivered out of state



Tax Incentives

Texas offers a variety of incentive programs designed to make capital more available for businesses looking to expand or locate in the state of Texas, as well as for companies already doing business in Texas.  Contact your accountant to learn more about tax incentives offered by the state of Texas.