Amarillo has some of the nation’s finest healthcare facilities. From the Don and Sybil Harrington Cancer Center to a regional Veterans Administration Hospital, these facilities serve Amarillo, the Panhandle and residents of four bordering states. 


Northwest Texas Healthcare System, Baptist St. Anthony’s Health Care System, Texas Tech Medical Center and a new Pavilion Hospital are among facilities served by physicians, dentists and many others in specialty fields. Some 80 medical specialties and 100 surgical specialties are practiced in the health care community. Many facilities are based at the campus of the Harrington Regional Medical Center, located in the northwest corner of Amarillo.  The Medical Center is an alliance that includes 28 facilities and agencies which are individually motivated, yet jointly committed, to providing high-quality, accessible health care for a region that includes the Texas Panhandle and four neighboring states, an area larger than 25,500 square miles.