New Page 1 Below is an overview of our annual events and tentative dates.  For the most up-to-date information, visit our Online Calendar.

March 2014

3/27           Spring Mega Market

April 2014
4/15           Partners in Education Dinner
4/24           Golden Nail Awards
4/30           DC Days in Washington

May 2014

5/15           BusinessConnection®

June 2014
6/12           Women on the Way Scholarship Luncheon
6/19           Summer Celebration

July 2014

7/24           Amarillo Chamber Open Golf Tournament

August 2014

8/9            Shoot Smart Shoot Straight Chamber Challenge
8/TBD        Fall Mega Market

September 2014

9/11           Good Times Celebration
® Barbecue Cook-Off

October 2014

10/23        Annual Banquet & Business Excellence Awards

Monthly Meetings

1st Tues  (11:00 am)  Arts Committee *
1st Mon (10:30 am)  Civic Beautification *

2nd Wed  ( 8:30 am)  Convention & Tourism
2nd Wed  ( 9:30 am)  Communications
2nd Wed  (11:45 am) Govt. Affairs Council

4th Tues (11:45 am)  Business Council
4th Tues (8:30 am)  CVC Council
4th Wed (12:00 pm)  Board of Directors
4th Thur (12:00 pm)  Quality of Life Council *

TBA (11:30 am)  Round Up Club Lunch

*  Meetings follow the school year calendar and meet during the months from September through May.  

Quarterly Meetings

TBA        Ag Council
TBA        Membership Council

As Needed Meetings  
TBA Golf Committee

TBA Education Projects

TBA Golden Nail Committee
TBA Ribbon Cuttings
TBA New Member Blitz

Note:  Meetings may be closed for committee or council members only and/or require an RSVP.