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6/6/2012 General
Texas Water Smart Campaign

Conserving water is not as difficult as it seems.

Just a few easy tweaks to your usual routine can make a big difference and help us all have more water.

Last year’s record drought showed that even a great state like Texas is powerless when it comes to Mother Nature. The good news is  we are not powerless to do something about it. Drastic measures aren’t necessary, we just need to all do our part. This is why we formed the Texas Water Smart Coalition: to show that simple, common sense  steps can help conserve our precious water while preserving business and our economy. You might even save some money on your water bill while you’re at it.

We’ve assembled a list of easy-to-follow water saving tips on this site along with links for more information. Please take the time to look over this information, share it with your neighbors, and join us on Facebook to continue the conversation.

** For more tips and information, visit the website.